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Storage Building Solutions

Who hasn’t taken a look into their garage or backyard shed and thought, “I need more space”? It’s a typical problem, especially for people who have hobbies that require many large pieces of equipment. When faced with this problem, you usually only think of one option: get rid of equipment. This is usually a bad idea because the pieces of equipment you get rid of might be needed down the road. Hammons & Associates has another option for you. Instead of losing equipment for space, we can build customized storage buildings that will solve all of your space problems.

Our construction team will help you figure out what kind of storage building you need and get to work design your custom facility. We handle all the hard work so all you need to do is provide us with your ideas. We can create storage facilities in all different sizes, so no matter what you need the facility for, you can rest assured that it will perfectly suit your needs. Some of our clients range from people who just want a larger, customized garage for hobby woodwork to farmers who need a special storage space for their farming equipment.

No project is too small or too large for Hammons & Associates. For more information about our storage buildings, visit today!

What are Barndominiums?

At Hammons & Associates, we offer the latest in construction technology to people in the Houston, Texas area. Our talented and experienced staff can design and build your new home or commercial building to your exact specifications, ensuring that your new structure will meet your needs.

One of our specialties at Hammons & Associates is barndominiums. Barndominiums have grown in popularity in recent years due to their quick construction and energy efficiency. What exactly is a barndominium? Simply put, barndominiums are part barn/storage area, part comfortable home. Many families prefer barndominiums to traditional homes due to their combined comfort and usefulness.

There are many benefits why a barndominium might be the perfect choice for you. First, construction is fast and cost-effective when compared to the construction of a traditional home. Costs are kept down with the use of metal in their construction and their relatively simple design makes construction fly by.

Initial costs are low, but your savings don’t end there. Barndominiums feature foam insulation that is sprayed in between wall layers during construction. Foam insulation typically insulations with much better results than conventional fiberglass insulation. This means you can expect smaller energy bills for many years to come.

If you have any more questions about barndominiums or would like to inquire about our construction services, please contact us by calling 1-888-851-9287.