Construction for Steel Buildings Houston and More

If you’re in the market for a storage unit, home remodeling services or commercial construction in the Houston, Texas area, you’ve come to the right place. Hammons & Associates specializes in a variety of building services for properties in the communities in and around Houston.

We will handle and manage your construction project from beginning to end. Our team is dedicated to creating and designing energy-efficient custom construction builds. We supervise and execute each project to the highest industry standards. Here is an overview of the general services we provide:

Custom Homes – We’ll help you achieve your goals when it comes to building your dream home. Each custom home is built to be as energy efficient as possible and capable of generating its own energy.

Commercial Buildouts – We handle all of the steps included in your commercial buildout process. We’ll help you get the project finished on time and within your budget.

Metal Buildings – This particular project serves many functions. Whether it’s to upgrade the amount of space on your property, used for covering vehicles or boats or will become a space for working, metal buildings are perfect for Houston’s harsh climate.

Storage Buildings – Like metal buildings, storage buildings or steel buildings Houston can become a space for you to store items that you currently do not have room for or for objects that are not always in use or are affected by seasonality.

Barndominiums – These are great steel buildings Houston, too. Perfect for the climate and perfect for storage, living space or work space, barndominiums are affordable and easy to erect.

No matter what you are in need of, let Hammons & Associates help you get the project going! We will be glad to provide our expertise to ensure a perfect project, every time.