Barndominiums vs. Conventional Homes

Barndominiums are often sought after more frequently than conventional homes these days. For example, in some communities, you will find more “barndos” than traditional homes. What is the allure of barndominiums you ask? Let’s explore that topic now – check out the following reasons:

Quick Build Times. Barndominiums typically can be built in less time than the timeframe in which traditional homes require.

Cost-Effective. Barndominiums are generally more cost-effective than conventional homes, as much as half the cost! The cost of metal construction is less than that of homes constructed of wood and other materials to finish the home.

Energy Efficiency. For thermal protection, barndominiums may be sprayed with a foam insulation. This insulation is one, uniform layer. This style of insulation is less likely to allow heat to escape, the way fiberglass insulation will.

Flex Space. Barndominiums allow the homeowner to place a wall wherever they please. Since the load-bearing metal walls of the external-most part of the home handle the heavy work, there are little to no restrictions on placement of internal walls.

Consider the possibilities of moving into a barndominium. With the Texas residential construction from Hammons & Associates, you can turn that dream into a reality. Contact us today for more information!