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Gifts for the Gardener in Your Life

There’s something about the beautiful weather in the Houston area that makes it an attractive place for homeowners and property owners to nurture plant life in their front and backyards. Perhaps you’re married to someone with a green thumb or you want to encourage a love of gardening in your children. Even if you’re just friends with a gardener, a gift that celebrates her love of plants will go over big on her birthday, anniversary, or during the next holiday.

A Steel Storage Shed

Look into installing outdoor storage buildings on the gardener’s property. (If you’re a friend, you’ll have to ask permission from somebody who lives there first, of course.) Steel sheds are fast and easy for professionals to install and they stand up to the elements, protecting their contents from wind and rain. Storage buildings are useful for so much more than just storing gardening tools, too. Store lawn furniture and save money on renting a storage unit elsewhere by storing extra things in the weather-proof shed.

Gardening Tools

Although every gardener has his or her favorite tools, they do get worn down over time, especially if there is plenty of gardening to be done. Give him a selection of tools so he always has the right tool on hand to get the job done. If they need more storage space, include the tools along with the gift of the storage shed or suggest they install a shed on his property.

Your Time

Sometimes even offering your assistance one afternoon is a perfect gift. If you’re short on cash but have enough free time on weekends, spend a day digging in the dirt, pulling weeds, and watering plants with the gardener’s supervision.

Don’t be afraid to involve the gardener in the gift decision before the big day. If you want to offer to buy the shed, for example, he or she can help decide where to put it in their yard. Ask a gardener how you can help transform their yard into their own little corner of natural beauty, and you’ll become one of their favorite gift givers.