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Durability of a metal building with all of the comfort of a residential project.

Custom Barndominium Construction

Hammons & Associates provides an efficient way to comfortably create additional living space for your home. The solution: barndominiums. This functional construction brings you the durability of a metal building, along with all of the comfort of a perfectly-designed residential project.

The barndominium construction was originally created out of necessity as they provide a large space for storage. Over time, barndominiums became known to be more than just a storage area – they also serve as a comfortable addition for entertaining and relaxing now. These steel buildings in Houston have become the location for popular weekend escapes or even permanent residences. They may even be used as steel garage buildings for storing vehicles and other precious belongings that you might not keep inside your home.

Barndominiums constructed by Hammons & Associates are made from only the best products. The metal used to construct our steel buildings in Houston is designed to increase durability and longevity – regardless of environmental conditions. For more details about our projects like steel garage buildings, contact us. We can help you maximize your storage or entertaining space!

Contact us today to talk about your building your own custom barndominium project in Houston, TX.