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Custom Homes

Energy-efficient Custom Home Construction in Houston, TX

We Understand Construction

Hammons & Associates understands that the construction of the perfect custom home is a complex process, especially when you want the home to be energy efficient. Creating your dream home requires the selection of the right technologies as well as an integrated construction approach.

Through careful planning, our team is able to bring all of the components necessary to help you create an energy-efficient custom home in Houston, Texas. With the help of our custom home construction team, you will be able to enjoy a home that is both efficient and capable of generating its own energy.

Energy-efficient Custom Home Construction

Having our team build an energy-efficient custom home for you and your family will help you minimize your reliance on the local electric company. This can help you decrease your bills up to 50%. Our two decades of experience with custom home construction has helped us learn the techniques necessary to perfectly develop your project based on your needs and preferences.

There are many processes and projects that we can handle for you when it comes to design and building your custom home. Some of the most important aspects of our construction services include:

  • The Design of Energy-Efficient External & Internal Spaces
  • The Design of Water Efficiency Projects
  • Our Usage of Renewable Energy Sources & Materials
  • Increasing the Quality of Your Indoor Air
  • Decreasing the Use of Toxic Materials in Construction Projects
  • Our Usage of Locally Obtainable Materials in Construction Projects

Contact us when you are looking for a skilled general contractor capable of bringing your dream home to life. Our custom home construction services are available in Houston, Texas.